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Advantages Summary

Disposable Continuous Glucose Monitoring Solutions

Single-Chip CGM ASIC

    One chip does it all. A complete solution customized and optimized for each customer.
    High-integration and low-cost.
    High-accuracy, high-reliability, and lowest power consumption.
    Designed for disposable medical devices.

Bluetooth & Processor

    Compliant with Bluetooth Specification V4.2 LE
    Embedded Cortex-M3 32-bit Processor
    Internal mask ROM with up to 78KB SRAM
    Internal 1M SPI Flash
    Integrated battery charger, DC/DC regulator
    Firmware support for L2CAP, SM, ATT, GATT, and GAP
    Support for software and antenna design

Analog ASIC

    System-wide power management for long standby time
    Less than 1uA in system OFF mode
    Accurate 12/16bit ADC
    Precision 1.8V Voltage Reference
    Low noise precision instrumentation amplifiers for potentiostate/signal conditioning